TEDxHKBU 2015: Think Like A Freak

When: Sat, May 2, 12:30pm – 6:30pm, 2015
Where: Hong Kong Baptist University, HK
Admission: Free Sold Out
Info: Event | Register | Venue

Think Like A Freak illustrates the idea of inspiring and innovative thinking. All speakers come from various cultures and backgrounds. Yet, they are all individuals who have new and crazy ideas:
  • Bobby Chan, Journalist (People Incubator)
  • Joanne Leung, Chairperson, Pink Alliance (Transgender)
  • Dr Jason S Polley, Assoc Professor, HKBU (Yoga)
  • Keith Li, CEO, Innopage (Mobile Apps)
  • Light Lin, Chairman, Wretch (Venture Capital)
  • Alvin Leung, Chef & Owner, Bo Innovation, (Extreme Cuisine)
  • Jim Chim, Director, Scriptwriter and Actor (Comedy)
  • Mo Lai Yan Chi, Filmmaker (Theatre)
  • Hing Chao, Lecturer, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Martial Arts)

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