Get Stuff Done: Kuala Lumpur

Service facilitators operating in Greater Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia. Click on the image to go to the website. Sites are listed in no particular order. Lunch suggestions and more from GoGet. [Posted: 11 April 2015, Revised: 14 April 2015]

GoGet: Get errands done

SupaHands: Get digital errands done

Kaodim: Quotes from contractors

Recomn: Quotes from contractors

MaidEasy: Book a maid

TheLorry: Book a lorry

Dah Makan: Order Lunch

Chopstick Diner: Order Lunch

The Lunch Club: Order Lunch

Chef Up: Order Lunch

Presto: Groceries

Tesco: Groceries

Redtick: Groceries
HappyFresh: Groceries