Project Estimating: A Better Way

When: Thu, March 26, 6:30pm – 9:30pm, 2015
Where: MDeC, Level 7, Tech Mahindra, Cyberjaya, Malaysia
Admission: Free [MYR 50 payable for no show]
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Many projects are still handicapped by poor cost, resource, and duration estimates. In some cases, the estimates are too low and scope or quality must be sacrificed at the last minute in order to meet committed delivery dates. In other cases, estimates are too high, and the project is cancelled because it seems too expensive. In this presentation, we will describe a simple and straightforward approach to estimating that is applicable to most projects most of the time. The major elements include:
  • Separating estimating from budgeting 
  • Using range estimates to minimize padding 
  • More accurate accounting for lost time 
  • Distinguishing funding estimates from control estimates 
  • Breaking senior management of bad habits 
Speaker William R. Duncan is President of Project Management Partners, a project management consulting and training firm headquartered in Lexington, Massachusetts, USA. He is the primary author of the 1996 PMBOK Guide. [Image: PERT diagram,]