F8: Facebook Developer Conference 2015

When: Thu, Mar 26, 2am – Fri, Mar 27, 10am
Where: Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, California, United States [Live Stream]
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Schedule | Register | Stream

Join us at the intersection of creativity and technology. Product experts from Facebook, Instagram, Parse, Oculus, LiveRail and other apps will share what we've learned and built for developers. You'll get access to our latest tools, new product demos and thought-provoking discussions to help you plan for your next build and beyond. Selected topics [MY/SG/GMT+8 time shown, please double check with the official schedule]:

Thu, 26 March 2015
  • Keynote 2am 
  • Building for the Next Billion 4am
    Hear about how Facebook is working with developers to bring their services to billions of people coming online for the first time.
  • News Publishing on Facebook 5am
    Learn about the latest offerings Facebook is building to help you grow and engage your audience.
  • How News Feed Works 6am
    Hear about News Feed from the experts and learn the best ways to make sure your posts are seen by the people who will care about them most.
  • How Facebook Grows 6am
    We'll share tips and strategies you can apply from Facebook’s growth team to your business.
  • Conversation With WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger 8:30am
    Join leaders from WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger as they discuss the future of communications and messaging.

Fri, 27 March 2015
  • Growing Your Business With Facebook Ads 4am
    Get an introduction to all our ads products and a good understanding of when to use what, and what is most relevant for apps.
  • Best Practices for Monetizing with Ads 7:30am
    Explore effective strategies for growing revenue with ads in your app.
  • Designing for Keeps: How to Build a Loyal Customer Base 8:30am 
    Hear from a panel of experts from innovative companies as they discuss how to attract and retain their audiences.
  • Building for Commerce 8:30am
    Learn how to use all of Facebook's tools to help build and grow your commerce business.
  • Designing Social Experiences That Work 8:30am 
    Have you ever been told, "Just Make It Social?" Everyone has had social experiences that didn't feel right. This session will help you create amazing social experiences with people in mind.