ASEAN Literary Festival 2015

When: Sun, March 15, 9am – Sun, March 22, 5pm, 2015
Where: Teater Jakarta, Jalan Cikini Raya No.73, Jakarta, Indonesia
Admission: Varies by Workshop
Info: Event | Tickets | Venue

The ASEAN Literary Festival is the first cultural event where all ASEAN countries, which share proximity, similarities in culture and literature as well as sharing history of being colonized, level of democratization and economic development, gather in one literary festival as one community of literature and culture. Workshops and discussions include:
  • Starting Your Own Unique Library & Bookstore
  • Dramatic Reading
  • Writing for Freedom
  • Beyond Poetry Reading
  • Contemporary ASEAN Literature
  • Literary Works under Totalitarian Regime
The festival seeks to become a medium to boost the quality of the region's literary works while being one of the bridges to get people of literature and public in general within the region to know each others’s culture, arts and literary works, boosting the likelyhood of ASEAN to become full-pledge community.