Genovasi: Design Thinking Bootcamp 2015

When: Tue, August 11  – Thu, August 13, 2015
Where: Genovasi, Jalan 13/2, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Admission: MYR 13,250
Info: Event | Registration | Venue

The Design Thinking Bootcamp offers executives the chance to learn Design Thinking - a structured human-centred approach to innovation that leverages multidisciplinary teams, flexible environments and a creative process that can be applied to product, service, and business design.

  • Develop deep insights on consumer needs and behaviours
  • Reduce risk and accelerate learning through rapid low resolution prototyping
  • Drive towards breakthrough innovation, not just incremental growth
  • Build a radically collaborative working culture based on applying
  • Design Thinking across a diverse team 
Faculty from Stanford
  • Perry Klebahn, Director of Executive Education bio
  • Jeremy Utley, Director of Executive Education  bio

[A similar 6-day Stanford program, Go2Market, is being offered in March 2015 fully sponsored by MaGIC for qualified registrants. The MYR 13,250 admission fee for Genovai's 3-day design program gives a rough indication of the market value of MaGIC's program.]

Petry Kleban & Jeremy Utley's Design Thinking Bootcamp at Genovasi in 2013