Car Free Morning 2015

When: Sun, January 4, 7am – 9am, 2015
Where: Dataran DBKL 1, Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Venue | Route

[KL Car Free Morning 2015] Jump-start the first and third Sunday of each month with cycling, jogging, walking or even skating on major streets of Kuala Lumpur Golden Triangle along with thousands of others. Mark your 2015 calendar for healthy weekend and participate in the Go Green KL Car-Free Morning. It’s a big lively Sunday morning you don’t want to miss! And more for 2015, Mark your calendar and join us! Together, let’s support the Go Green campaign!

Top to bottom: BMW Folding Mountain Bike (,  Papillionaire Sommer Boston (, Grace Electric Bike (