[ Snapshot ] Kuala Lumpur Monorail Upgrade 2014

Starting today, Saturday, Dec 20th 2014, the Kuala Lumpur Monorail features 4 carriages instead of the previous 2. This major upgrade, the first since the monorail was introduced in 2003, was undertaken under GTP for public transport services.

The contract to supply the trains for RapidKL monorail line was awarded to Scomi and valued at MYR 494 million, Scomi was also tasked with upgrading the monorail stations, including providing universal access as well as upgrading the electrical and mechanical systems, and to build a new depot under the contract.

The new trains will increase the passengers per train from 200+ to 400+ passengers during peak hours, thus addressing the current problem of crowding on the monorail line. The monorail has an average daily ridership of 72,000 passengers.

Apart from larger capacity, the new trains are also fitted with better safety features including open-door window, on-board close-circuit TV cameras and “run-flat” features, which allow the trains to continue moving despite a puncture.  [Sources: MyRapid and TheStar]