The Unofficial Google+ Film Festival UGPFF 2014

When: Sat, November 15, 8am – Mon, December 1, 10am, 2014 [Local MY/SG Time]
Where: Online, Global
Admission: Free [Optional: USD 250 Gold Pass]
Info: Event | Twitter | Google+

The Unofficial Google+ Film Festival (UGPFF) is an online, interactive, global, social, short film and web series festival that holds simultaneously interconnected live events all over the world. The Festival is divided into 8 blocks to cater for prime time at different locales:

Block 1 ­ | Block 2 ­ | Block 3 ­ | Block 4 ­ | Block 5 ­ | Block 6 ­

At the time of publication of this post, Block 2, consisting of 8 short films, is live and viewable below (on a desktop, click the full screen button at the bottom right corner for maximum panoramic effect):