Education Forum: Beyond Grade Point Average

When: Thu, November 6, 9am – 1pm, 2014
Where: High Impact Research Building, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Registration | Venue

Employers are citing a disconnection between what young people are learning in schools, and the competencies they need to be successful employees, entrepreneurs and engaged citizens.

Surveys show that employers of 21st century look for many competencies that go beyond traditional school subjects, such as problem solving, leadership, communications, initiative and teamwork. These traits, which can be summed up as Character and Creativity, are what young people will find useful for all aspects of life, including community, family, and employment.

In this forum, we invite the panellist and the audience to explore the concept of going beyond standardised test scores and grade point averages, and perceiving students as complete individuals by developing their character; and discuss how this is currently being done in schools, in organisations, and explore ideas for expanding such efforts.

Invited panel (abbreviated designations):
  • K. Puniamurthy, Deputy Registrar, University of Malaya (moderator)
  • Dr. Tony Devine., Executive Director, Global Peace Foundation
  • James Johnston, Education Research Manager, LeapEd Services
  • Dato’ Misrah Haji Ibrahim, Deputy Director, Malaysian Ministry of Education
  • Norliza Sahar, General Manager, Talent Corp