5th Global Entrepreneurship Summit GES 2014

When: Wed, Nov 19, 4pm –Fri, Nov 21, 11pm
Where: Marrakech, Morocco & Live Streaming
Admission: Free
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For entrepreneurs who have the vision and the knowhow, technology enables them to transform an idea into a marketable or useful product or service for a wide range of sectors. Entrepreneurs leverage existing technologies to create possibilities and inspire hope around the world for a more inclusive economic growth model, and one that meets the aspirations of the youth of today.
  • Morocco: The Startup Hub for Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Milton Duncan Rinehart, Director, Al Akhawayne University, Morocco et al
  • The U.S. Approach to Entrepreneurship - Jeff Martin, CEO, Tribal Brands
  • From Talent to Entrepreneurship - Daphne Koller, Co-founder, Courseraet al
  • Innovation and technology for sustainable growth - Mustapha Bakkoury, CEO, Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy
  • Transforming the speed and scale of entrepreneurship - Rhett Morris, Director, Endeavor Insight
  • Innovative solutions to integrate the informal sector into the formal economy - Chafik Sabiry, CEO, HP CDG et al
  • The Era of Disruption - Roy Haddad, Chairman, JWT MEA et al
  • Mapping the Future - Alexa von Tobel, CEO, LearnVest.com et al