ASEAN-ROK Film Leaders Incubator

When: Mon, Nov 10, 8am – Sat, Nov 22, 9pm
Where: Yangon, Myanmar
Admission: Closed [FYI only]
Info: Event | Trainees | InstructorsTimetable

The FLY Project seeks to redress a problem: the best facilities for film education and the best teachers for film makers have not been where they needed to be. Many brilliant young film-makers’ potential was not realized as they did not have access to facilities and mentors.

The FLY Project aims to rectify this. It will ensure that brilliant young filmmakers have access to mentors, regardless of where they live, and we will bring them to facilities where their visions can be realized. We help to build the future of the Asian film industry: these young filmmakers will become the keystones for the advancement of the film industry in their homes, serving as examples for what can be accomplished, and mentors in their own right for other young film professionals that will follow in their footsteps. [ROK=Republic of Korea ie South Korea]