Geekcamp SG 2014

When: Sat, October 18, 9:30am – 6:00pm, 2014
Where: School of Computing, NUS, Singapore
Admission: Free [SGD 25 with party]
Info: Event | Tickets 

Conference for the geeks. No startup talks. No how to get rich talks. This is purely a tech conference. Top voted topics include:
  • Making Hardware come Alive!
  • The Future of Javascript
  • Game of Drones: Algorithms and Hardware Designs for Quadcopters
  • Real-Time Education without Websockets
  • Tailored Swift
  • The Internet of Things (that make beer)
  • Trust me, I'm an Engineer: How to Ace an Interview
  • Why HTML5 doesn't work for Mobile Apps
  • So what about Ruby on Rails?... from a PHP Guy
[A popular, annual, grass roots conference in Singapore.]