Disrupting the Ivy League

When: Mon, August 11, 7:30pm – 9:30pm, 2014
Where: Black Box @ Publika Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Admission: Free
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Join the Managing Director for Asia for Minerva, Kenn Ross, as he speaks about how Minerva aims to challenge the Ivy League [Princeton, Yale, Cornell, Harvard, Brown, Columbia, Dartmouth, Pennsylvania], and create a completely reimagined university for the world's brightest and most motivated students - an Ivy League 2.0.
I realized that what the universities are supposed to be is not what they are - that the concept of universities taking great raw material and teaching how it can have positive impact in the world is gone.

Undergraduates come in, take some random classes, settle on a major and oh yeah, you're going to pick up critical thinking in the process by accident
[In] my first six months, what did the consulting firm teach me? They didn't teach me the basics of how they do business. They taught me how to think. I didn't know how to check my work. I didn't think about order of magnitude.
I didn't have habits of mind that a liberal arts education was supposed to have given me. And not only did I not have it, none of my other colleagues had it—people who had graduated from Princeton, Harvard and Yale.

Ben Nelson, Founder, Minerva Project.