IDEAS Show 2014: Taiwan's Biggest Startup Conference

When: Thu, July 24, 9am – Fri, July 25, 5pm, 2014
Where: GIS NTU Convention Center, Taipei City, Taiwan
Admission: USD 107
Info: Event | Agenda | Speakers | Tickets

On the stage of IDEAS Show, startups can demo your services and interact with consumers, investors, and angels through 6 minutes pitch. And this is the moment that will forever change the course of your startup journey. You never know what could happen next with such opportunities that are yours for the taking.

In the world of tech startup, knowledge is power, and trend is always leading the future. We gather the industry leaders, leading investors, and business mentors share their insights at IDEAS Keynote discuss the Next Big Trends in O2O business.

Conference topics include:
  • The Next Billion Business: Wearable Devices -Sonny Vu, CEO, Misfit Wearables 
  • The Next Big Thing: Hardware Startup and Innovation - Panel
  • The Next Big Money - Panel
  • The Global Lean Hardware Startup - Benjamin Joffe, General Partner, Haxlr8r 
  • Applications and Trends with 4G Technology - Panel
  • Challenges and Opportunities of Bitcoin's Acceptance - Panel
  • Uber's 38 Country Business Strategy - Frank Allen, Head of Asia Operations, Uber
  • The Power to Change the World: Social Enterprise - Panel
  • Founders' Stories - Panel