GTF2014: Merging Inks

When: Sat, August 2, 7pm – 9pm, 2014
Where: Chai Diam Ma, 15 Lebuh Queen, George Town, Malaysia
Admission: MYR 10 [at the door]
Info: Event | Venue

Merging Inks brings together talented illustrators and artists to merge styles and co- create an art exhibition live in front of an audience. Produced to music from a live band and sets from a variety of talented artists, the ambience for the night is truly one for creatives.
  • Round 1: Visual artists are given thirty minutes to create something on a canvas whilst their live audience interacts with them. 
  • Round 2: The visual artists swap canvases and must work on an image created by someone else in round 1, thus beginning the collaboration. 
  • Round 3: The visual artists swap again to complete a final image formed by the work of three artists. All this with live music and other art and craft work for sale. What more do you need?
This event is twinned with a live simultaneous event in London. Come and see what artists in London are doing, as well as our own Malaysian artists.

Chai Diam Ma Gallery and Café. Photo: