The New Economic Model: Abdul Wahid Omar

When: Wed, June 11, 7pm – 10pm, 2014
Where: InterContinental, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Registration

[NRC11 21st Nation Building Series: Dato' Sri Abdul Wahid Omar - Revisiting The New Economic Model] Dato' Sri Abdul Wahid Omar will share the main ingredients of the NEM which are high income, inclusiveness and sustainability. He will also elaborate on the latest development of Malaysian economy, particularly on the Economic Transformation Programme. He will speak on the need for our youths to prepare for the future.

Senator Dato’ Sri Abdul Wahid Omar is Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department in charge of Economic Planning. He oversees a number of government agencies including Economic Planning Unit (EPU), Public-Private partnership Unit (UKAS), Ekuiti Nasional Berhad (EKUINAS), Talent Corporation (TalentCorp), Unit Peneraju Agenda Bumiputera (TERAJU), Department of Statistics, and Yayasan Pendidikan Peneraju Bumiputera.