Google Atmosphere Maps Live

When: Thu, June 5, 11am – 12am, 2014 KL Time [June 4, 8pm Pacific Daylight Time]
Where: Online
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Registration

Discover how maps can add value and efficiency to every aspect of your company—from sales and marketing to customer service and logistic and operations. Join us for a live event, and learn how companies are using Google Maps to add more:
  • From the Streets to the C-Suite: Six ways maps are transforming the way we work. Jay Remley, Director, Google Maps for Business, Americas
  • Operate with Instant Insights: Discover how to make savvy decisions with data you can see, and stay a step ahead of changes. Lauren LaHatte, Geospatial Expert, Cloud Sherpas
  • Innovate or Evaporate: How location is Making Your Business more Social, Mobile, and Connected. Chris Wiegand, CEO, Jibestream
  • From Wearables to Asset Tracking: Monitor precious ones and assets, anytime, anywhere. Sten Kirkbak, Founder, Chief Creative Officer, Filip