FIFA World Cup 2014: Samba Time

When: Fri, June 13, 11am – Mon, July 14, 12pm, 2014
Where: Brazil
Admission: Free [at your nearest mamak stall]
Info: FIFA | BBC | ST | ESPN | Wiki

The World Cup is back and will be played at the worst possible time zone for day workers in East Asia. Fret not, here are some hacks to catch some football and not slack at work or studies:
  • Sleep early, like 8pm, and wake up early, around 3am. Many interesting matches are scheduled for the 3am-4am time slot (for the benefit of European audiences as it will be late evening prime time in Europe).
  • Skip the week day games, and watch only on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Continue as normal, and watch replays and highlights only.
  • Or, join the non-football fraternity and ignore it totally.
Unlike in 2010, there will be no complimentary webcast from Astro this time round. If you are not a subscriber, head over to the nearest mamak with your buddies. In the schedule below, adapted from The Straits Times, read a weekday as the day before. Thus, Friday is 'very late Thursday night'.

FIFA World Cup 2014 Group Games