[SG] Woomentum: Crowd Fund Her Live!

When: Tue, April 22, 7:00pm – 9:30pm, 2014
Where: The Hub, 113 Somerset Road, Singapore
Admission: SGD 20
Info: Event | Tickets

Crowdfund Her Live! will host women entrepreneurs pitching to a passionate crowd. The crowd will be doing the same exercise usually done on online crowdfunding platforms but live! So if you are emotionally moved by the projects or intellectually stimulated by the innovative ideas, you can pledge on the spot.

What will you be pledging? You will be pledging money and/or time. What will you get in return? A set of rewards depending on the amounts pledged.

We will also have three amazing and inspiring women panelists who will come on board to share their success in business and in technology and to share their experience in funding their ventures. Join us for a fun evening where we get inspired and celebrate entrepreneurship and innovation…and most importantly celebrate Women in Action!