[SG] RISE: Bitcoin MakerMart

When: Sat, April 26, 12pm – 6pm, 2014
Where: Lowercase, Lasalle College of Arts, McNally Street, Singapore
Admission: Free

RISE: Bitcoin is a social and community-building event designed to introduce Bitcoin to the public curious about understanding and using Bitcoin. Presented in plain-spoken and accessible language, RISE: Bitcoin features talks at the ground-level:
  • Education and awareness
  • Introduction to Bitcoin
  • Securing Your Stash: Bitcoin Security 101
  • Open Platform for Bitcoin companies to introduce themselves

RISE: Bitcoin will also introduce the Bitcoin MakerMart where local vendors of all types will offer design and craft products for purchase in Bitcoin, with payment processing services provided by Coin Of Sale. Featured vendors include:

Bitcoin ATM will be available at the event as well! This event is free and open to the public. Contact and inquiries, for press, organization and other inquiries, contact Tomas at +65.8181.5817 or tom@coinofsale.com