Filemmakers Anonymous #21

When: Sat, March 22, 8:00pm – 10:30pm, 2014
Where: Kakiseni Freespace @ SS2 Mall, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Admission: Free
Info: Facebook

We are happy to announce that for our next screening #FA21 is happening on this Saturday at our new usual hangout place, Kakiseni Freespace. Free admission, do come a little early to get the best seats! Films:
  • Poskad Dari Sebarang by Hakim - What a man needs is loneliness
  • Ubah by Rizal Karim - Climbing the ladder in the city
  • Tele-Time by Akmal Nahar - What if you have your own superpower
  • Taste of Tea by Satpal Kaler - Munira drops by to have tea
  • Homeless in Kayel by Footnote - Homelessness in KL 
  • 50 Kisses: First/Last by Al Ibrahim - A contagion stands between two lovers
  • Coffee by Pouya Eshtehardi -  A painter who has lost his imagination
  • Exorcist by Ong Yui Huan - Exorcist ceremony
  • Ganggu by ScatterBrain - A paranormal investigator attends a mystery call
  • Gen Y by Aex Fong Kah Wei - Generation Y in Malaysia
  • Keajaiban by Loong Wah - A night club disco bar