[SG] Startup SLAP: Bitcoin

When: Thu, March 20, 6:30pm – 7:30pm, 2014
Where: The Lokal, 136 Neil Road, Singapore, Singapore
Admission: Free, PYOB (Pay Your Own Beer)
Info: Event

The objective of this SLAP (Speak, Learn And Pitch) is to bring together the most progressive Bitcoin & other crypto/virtual currency minds in Singapore to share their experiences, ideas and visions of what this phenomenon called Bitcoin really is and what they think it can become, but most importantly what it means to us techno & other entrepreneurs. Be sure not to miss this one!
  • The Bitcoin Bonanza - Everything You Needed to Know, But Were Afraid to Ask! - Tomas Forgac, Founder, Coin Of Sale (Bitcoin POS Terminal) 
  • The VC view of BTC - Alexis Nicosia, CFO, SeedCoin (Bitcoin Incubator) 
  • Fundraising and Business Development Aimed at Large Institutions - Wee Horng Ang, COO, ItBit  (Digital Currencies Exchange) 
[The Singapore event scene seems to have gone on turbocharged mode after the CNY break.]