Filemmakers Anonymous 20

When: Sat, January 11, 8pm – 10pm, 2014
Where: Freespace @ Kakiseni, SStwo Mall, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Venue

Filemmakers Anonymous is a collective. An array of new and emerging films; compiled, not curated, from among like-minded people who are just addicted to making films - for whatever noble or twisted reasons. The 20th edition of Filemmakers Anonymous will be taking place with the following:
  • Following by Fikri Jermadi - A guy, trying to break free from the monotony of his life, meets a girl in a brief encounter.
  • The Deal by Visual Composer - What if you have no choice but to share your days with a fiendish being?
  • $ BROKE $ by ZE! - Music video for new ZE! single.
  • Blank Slate by Agnes Hanying Ong [Photo] - She searches for the apparition of her lost self. There, within a world mired in malaise, emerges a promise of hope. 
  • Dancing is like death by ZH Liew - A man finds himself facing difficult choices, and expresses himself through dance.
  • Petualang by Dea - A story of two friends, Redwan and Airul, who leave their town to find a new life.
  • Poskad dari Sebarang by Hakim Sattu - What the Man needs is Loneliness.
  • Leap Of Faith by Faiz Musa - Life is uncertain and sometimes you just have to take that leap of faith.
  • Curi by Aliff Ihsan Rahman - A revolutionary group fights Mazis and Polix.
Number of Films: 9. Estimated Running Time: 83 minutes. The filemmakers will be in attendance to take part in a Q&A session after the screening. Entrance is free, and all are welcome. [Filem is the Malay word for Film.]

Intrepid filmmakers facing the crowd (You can't get this with Hollywood productions)