Activate: Singapore 2014

When: Thu, January 16, 8am – 7pm, 2014
Where: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Admission: SGD 750
Info: Event | Programme | Registration

A host of influential and inspirational figures from across Southeast Asia and the rest of the world will discuss the role the open internet has to play in transforming the way we do business and the way we shape the world's future. Topics:
  • What role do mobile technologies have to play in the world's future?
  • How is the global, digital economy disrupting the creation, management, distribution and monetisation of content?
  • Accelerating growth, innovation and global expansion with cloud computing
  • Technology and the future of education: Can the internet educate the world?
  • Tech-led innovation in public services and the future of governance
  • How is social media triggering business growth and social change?