KickStart: Crafting Your Perfect Pitch

When: Sat, January 11, 2014, 2pm – 5pm, 2014
Where: The Nest, 7 Jalan Derumun, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur
Admission: Free
Info: Tickets | Venue

Working with The Nest by Mother Goose Venture Developers, KickSart Nesting is gonna be a series of half-day workshop conducted at their super cool incubator space. And you're gonna walk away from the workshop with something you can immediately use in your business!

We do pitchings all the time at KickStart and as entrepreneurs, we should be able to craft our own perfect pitch. That's why we chose that to be our first today, and founder of MGVD Adam Hirsch will be leading the workshop along with other seasoned entrepreneurs whom have done rounds of pitchings for investors and partners.