Block-Chain Meetup

When: Fri, November 29, 7:30pm – 10:30pm, 2013
Where: Nook, 9 Jalan Riong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Admission: Free
Info: Registration | Venue

[Full title: Block-Chain Embassy Asia: 1st Meetup in Kuala Lumpur] Block-Chain Embassy Asia is a non-profit organization that helps to educate communities by promoting technologies and business that are using block-chain based payment protocols and other decentralized digital-currencies throughout South East Asia. Topics:
  • Introducing Block-Chain Embassy 
  • Using Bitcoin for Stock Trading 
  • Mining Crypto Currency 
  • Web Development with Bitcoin
[Block-Chain is a technology underpinning Bitcoin, and can be used for digital currencies other than Bitcoin. Though this is not a Bitcoin specific event, those interested in Bitcoins might like to explore further. Disclaimer: the information presented is not verified - do your own due diligence.]