Raising The Bar: Give The Drummer Some

When: Sun, September 15, 9pm – 11pm, 2013
Where: The Bee, Publika, Kuala Lumpur
Admission: Free
Info: Facebook

In order to make up for the lack of beats at last month's wordy but jaw-droppingly inspiring Poetry Jam, Raising The Bar and Heartbeat Drumsticks Malaysia have come together to bring the noise, Give the Drummer Some will see the unique pairings of some of Malaysia's finest Hip Hop acts and Drummers on The Bee's stage. The Rappers:
  • Waris Mixio 
  • MIO 
  • Karmal 
  • Chaotic Crew
The Drummers:
  • Jimmy Jamz (Oh Chentaku) 
  • Jenk (Faizal Tahir) 
  • Kevin Theng (Joe Flizzow/Altimet) 
  • Omar (The Bassment Syndicate) 
Not sure what to expect? Good. Keep it that way. Let us surprise you. Other magnificent acts on the bill include Kyren Thomas. Your hosts for the night, the painfully unfunny duo of Jin Hackman & Mr. Dan. [Gen-Z drummer]
1 Bass drum | 2 Floor tom | 3 Snare drum
4 Hanging toms | 5 Hi-hat | 6 Crash cymbal
7 Ride cymbal | 8 Splash cymbal | 9 China cymbal
Source: Wikipedia