Classical Music Asia: Open Recital 5

When: Sat, September 28, 3pm – 5pm, 2013
Where: Pipers, B3-06 The Fare, 10 Mont' Kiara, Kuala Lumpur
Admission: Free
Info: Facebook | Venue

CMA Open Recital is a community project by Classical Music Asia. It is open to all classical music students and classical musicians and singers regardless of age, grade and instrument. It also aims to provide classical music students with the opportunity to gain experience and build confidence by performing in front of a live audience. Amateurs and semi-pros are also welcome.

[The performers were asked to write something about themselves when enrolling for the recital. Since this is not an entrance exam or university application, the candidates wrote candidly. Some excerpts, with light editing, follow.]

Bhakti Chan
When I was small, I had an electric organ that I first learned how to play the keyboard on. I hated practicing so much that I once lay on top of the keys and rolled around in anger! Of course I can’t do that anymore or I’ll break my piano. I don’t hate practicing anymore either.

Petrina Phua
Currently, I am working part-time as a science teacher. Being a teacher turned out to be harder than I thought but nevertheless, I am enjoying teaching the kids in my class. Planning experiments for my lessons is one of the greatest challenges I face; using purple cabbage juice as pH indicators and making music from wine glasses; it is always worth it every time I see that spark of interest light up in their eyes.

Hoi Shun-Yeen
As one who has been lucky enough to learn the piano, I've always been asked these common questions, “What grade are you in now?” “How much did you get for this exam?”  The truth is, I despise those questions very much. For me, I think many have misunderstood the meaning of music. Music has never been about a grade. It isn't a piece of objective paper where you shade your answers in and if you're the highest you graduate with top honours. Stop questioning and enjoy the music!