Ad:Tech Data Summit

When: Fri, September 20, 8:00am – 7:30pm, 2013
Where: i.cube, Level 4, 20 Pickering Street, Singapore
Admission: SGD 495
Info: AdTechDataSummit

Data is transforming the world of digital marketing and advertising. The remarkable growth of data requires marketers to understand and decipher the data they have on hand – translating the various formats into numerous possibilities of what can be done using big data analytics.

When used effectively, data can help marketers create smooth customer experiences and use data to better achieve ROI. The ad:tech data summit encompasses the various aspects surrounding the key trends and insights on Data. Topics include:
  • Finding Serendipity In Big Data -  Scott Bales, Director, User Strategy
  • Finding The Needle In The Data Haystack - Jonathan Barouch, CEO, Local Measure
  • Turning A Mountain Of Data Into A Monetisable Opportunity - Rick Mulia, VP, Wego
  • Where Context Meets Engagement - Grant Watts, Head, Global Advertising, SingTel
  • Collect Anywhere. Use Everywhere - Mathew Ward, Managing Director, Lotame
  • Use Data to Make Quicker, Smarter Decisions - Darren Stein, GM, News Limited
  • Combine Data And Creativity To Drive Business Results -  Nicholas Smith, Adobe