MMA Forum Singapore 2013: Deconstructing Mobile

When: Thu, August 22, 9am – Fri, August 23, 5pm
Where: Pan Pacific Hotel, Singapore
Admission: SGD 1650
Info: MMA Global

Over the past few years the MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) Forum has established itself as the premier event for marketers in Asia who want to fully embrace, utilize and execute marketing campaigns that truly allow them to meet and exceed their marketing objectives. As mobile devices continue to evolve with new and powerful technologies there are new and exciting opportunities for marketers to disrupt the traditional approaches to marketing and hence we have themed this year’s event as Deconstructing Mobile. Topics (abbreviated) include:
  • The Next Billion: Unlocking the Magic of Mobile - Rahul Welde, VP, Unilever
  • Building Brands and Business - Sean Rach, Regional Director, Prudential Asia
  • Getting McDonald's Ready for Mobile - Andrew Knott, VP, Digital, McDonald’s
  • Winning in China with Mobile Marketing - Bessie Lee, CEO, WPP China
  • Mobile: From Periphery to Centerpiece - Dick van Motman, CEO, Dentsu Asia
  • Successful Branding Techniques for Mobile - Leonardo O'Grady, Director, Coca-Cola
  • Driving Leads & Conversions Thru Mobile - Lito S German, Marketing Director, BMW
  • Changing Face of Media for Luxury & Lifestyle - Wendy Chan, Director, LVMH