Getting Malaysia Big Data Ready

When: Wed, August 28, 8am – 2pm, 2013
Where: Auditorium, MCMC, Cyberjaya, Malaysia
Admission: Free

This event is to mark the collaboration between MDeC, MCMC, Dell, Intel and Revolution Analytics to develop a Malaysian Big Data econsystem. Big Data gurus have specially being gathered for this event to allow participants to tap into their knowledge and ideas. Topics:

• Landscape of Big Data - Dave Rich, CEO, Revolution Analytics
• Big Data with Intel Hadoop - Eddie Toh, Marketing Manager, Intel
• Why the Future is ABCD - Raju Chellam, Head, Big Data, Dell
• ulsate Big Data Solutions - Bob Chua, CEO, Pulsate

RSVP: with name, designation, company, mobile, email to or call +603.8316.3000 by 26 Aug 2013. For C-level executives. [Event spotted via TeAM.]

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