Get Stuff Done

When: Sat, August 31, 10am – 7pm, 2013
Where: Hubquarters at Scape, Orchard Link, Singapore
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Concept

[Great idea! A hackathon where you commit to get something done.] GSD (Get Stuff Done) Days are science-based, fun, and open source events designed to help you get a massive amount done in a single day. It's like going to the gym for productivity! Objectives:
  • Get as much done in one day as possible! 
  • Either eliminate backlogs or significantly advance new projects.
  • Practice and internalize productivity, enhance focus, fight procrastination 
  • And remove stress from your life!
What you can do at a GSD Day is practically limitless. Here are a few examples:
  • Process email inbox completely down to zero
  • Advance a critical work project
  • Prepare job applications
  • Read through backlogged documents
  • Write out life plan and life goals
  • Begin tackling a life goal (e.g., learning a new language or writing a book)
  • Set up financial accounts
  • Take practice exams
Come and Get Stuff Done with us! [Get Stuff Done is an event by Self Spark, a science based accelerator, and the organizers of the recently held Spark Summit Singapore: Life Hacking.]