Capital on Stage 2013: Reverse Pitching

When: Tue, September 24, 8am – 8pm, 2013
Where: Google, 8 Marina View, Singapore
Admission: By application (SGD 170)
Info: Event | Application | Twitter

[Rather than startups pitching to investors, investors pitch to startups.] Capital On Stage is an unconventional conference about funding where multiple investors pitch themselves to startups. Leading venture capitalists & angel investors present their views on the market and what they’re looking for in their next investments – information that's highly valuable to startups. Investors:
  • Jeffrey Paine – Golden Gate Ventures
  • Seamin Ahn – Rakuten Venturess
  • Masahiko Honma – Incubate Fund
  • Yinglan Tan – Sequoia Capital
  • Philipp von dem Knesebeck – K5 Ventures
  • Koichi Saito – IMJ Fenox
  • Leslie Loh – Red Dot Ventures
  • Chun Dong Chau – Crystal Horse Investments