BookFest Malaysia 2013

When: Sat, August 3, 10am – Sun, August 11, 9pm
Where: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia
Admission: MYR 3 (approx)
Info: BookFest Malaysia

BookFest Malaysia is one of the largest book expositions in the region featuring millions of books and many more. BookFest acts as a platform for both local and international authors to present their creative writings. Meet the author sessions include:
  • Book Sharing & Autography Session - Datuk Zaid Ibrahim (Sat, 4pm)
  • Telling it Straight - Marina Mahathir (Sun, 1pm)
  • Learn 22 New Idioms - Marianna Pascal (Sun, 3pm)
  • Online Retailing Masterclass - Carol Fung (Mon, 5pm)
  • On The Food Trail - Sam Cheong (Wed, 2pm)
  • Thai Cooking at it's Best - Chef Korm (Thu, 2pm)
  • So Far So Good - Dina Zaman (Fri, 12pm)

BookFest Malaysia 2013 - Getting ready the day before opening