Hackerspace JB Meetup

When: Fri, August 2, 8pm – 10pm, 2013
Where: HackerSpace JB, 113-1, Jalan Damai, Taman Serene, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
mission: Free
Info: Facebook

This is our 2nd monthly meetup. Anybody is welcome and this is not only for technical person. This will be a great event to meet JB's entrepreneurs, exchange startup ideas, networking and basically just meeting cool peeps. Feel free to share your startup/entrepreneur experiences and talk about interesting projects you currently working on.

We will have five x 5-minute slot for any participant to talk about anything! Your business idea, startup you working on, any technical challenge you facing, looking for co-founder to work on amazing idea etc etc. Anything goes. Email hello@hackerspacejb.org to book a spot to talk. Projector can be provided if you need one.

Websites are normally hosted in facilities similar to this:

Hackers are able to run websites from their home using palm sized computers known as Raspberry Pi
Within limitations. Photos: Google, scottf.wordpress.com