GeekCamp SG 2013

When: Sat, September 7, 10am – 6pm, 2013
Where: Microsoft, 21st Floor 1 Marina Blvd One, Singapore
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Registration

No startup talks. No how to get rich talks. This is purely a tech conference. The local Geek scene's favourite and largest event is back! This year, our theme is Because We Can!  We will be celebrating the geek and hacker culture, and encouraging people to show off stuff that they have built. #geekcampsg.

Topics include:
  • How to build Candy Crush
  • McGyverism for the young
  • Hiring geeks: a hirer's perspective
  • The sexy, new PHP
  • Pebble Watch
Plus Django, NoSQL, iOS, Android, HTML5, Node, Angular, Scala and many more.

 Pebble Watch
Software watch | Wearable computer | The coming of iWatch