eGov Global Exchange

When: Mon, June 17, 10am – 11am. 2013
Where: Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, Singapore
Admission: SGD 600
Info: eGovExchange

Governments are currently extending their focus beyond efficient and effective e-government practices, to an approach of facilitating collaborative service creation, and building participatory relationships with citizens and businesses in e-government initiatives. Built upon groundswell demand for greater responsiveness and ingenuity, the future of e-government will be born of consultation and collaboration. Topics:
  • GOV.UK - Mike Bracken, Executive Director of Digital, Cabinet Office, United Kingdom
  • Learning the Rules of Engagement - John Sheridan, CTO, Australia Government
  • A Collaborative Government at the New Frontier - James Kang, Government Chief Information Office, Singapore
  • How the Consumerisation of IT is Helping Governments Around the World Deliver Better Services - Doug Farber, Managing Director Enterprise, Google
  • Government Designed for New Times: Transforming the Delivery of Public Services - Diana Farrell
    Global Leader, McKinsey Center for Government
  • How the Nexus of Forces will Shape Government Services and Operations - Andrea Di Maio, Managing Vice President, Gartner
  • Reinventing Cities Through Citizen Innovation - Peter Corbett, CEO, iStrategyLabs
  • From Community Participation to Civic Engagement - Dr Michael Wu, Principal Scientist, Lithium Technologies, Inc.
  • Engaging Citizens in the Cloud to Improve Health and Wellness - Lee Kedrie, Managing Partner 
  • Advanced Technologies, HP Technology Consulting, Hewlett-Packard
eGov Global Exchange 2013 is held concurrently with:
At Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Center from 17-21 June 2013.