Casual Connect Asia 2013

When: Tue, May 21, 9:00am – Thu, May 23, 6:30pm
Where: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore
Admission: USD 300
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Casual Connect is the place to learn more about the gaming industry which entertains 300 million people each month. Learn all about iPhone, Social, Android, Flash, Browser MMO and Download Games. Independent developers are the cornerstone of the casual games industry. Creativity flows from indie developers at a rate unmatched by larger studios to provide a wide range of games for all platforms. Come listen to the stories and accomplishments from the very best regional indies.

Day 1: General Industry, Selling Up & Selling Out, and Development

Welcome to Casual Connect Asia
Jessica TAMS, Managing Director, Casual Games Association
Making Money with Casual Games – What’s Real Today!
Jessica SACHS, Director Developer Relations, Big Fish

The Effective Way to Publish Games in the Indonesia Market
Ihsan WAHAB, Director of Publishing, Altermyth

M&A Gaming Market Update
Jim PERKINS, Director, Digital Media Specialist, Corum Group

Facebook Platform for Games: Partnering in Asia
Jessica LEE, Head of APAC Platform Partnerships, Games, Facebook

ICON POPin' Journey to the Top
Stefan DAMASENA, CEO, Alegrium

Mergers & Acquisitions Briefing
Jim PERKINS, Director, Digital Media Specialist, The Corum Group

Digital Future - Sustainable Economies
Michael POLE, CEO, gloops International

Game Engines for BlackBerry 10 by BlackBerry® & Unity SEA
Justin LEE, Application Development Consultant Southeast Asia, BlackBerry
Brett BIBBY, Unity Evangelist, Unity Southeast Asia & Hong Kong

M&A Interview with the Buyers
David KIM, Co-Founder & CEO, Animoca
Moderator: Jim PERKINS, Director, Digital Media Specialist, Corum Group

Tackling the Chinese Mobile Market: A Guide for Western Developers & Publishers
Aurelien PALASSE, Director Business & Communication, UBISOFT CHINA

Making Money with Microsoft
Jeremy SNOOK, Sr. Business Development Manager, Microsoft Studios

Leveraging Iconic Hollywood IP to Create A Global Mobile Phenomenon
Andrew SHEPPARD, President, Kabam

LUNCH SESSION: Entertainment and Gamification
Neeraj ROY, CEO & Managing Director, Hungama

LUNCH SESSION: "Show and Sell"-- mig33 Game Pitch
LUNCH SESSION: Coping with a Diversified Mobile Gaming Market
Gonzague de VALLOIS, SVP of Publishing, Gameloft

Fukuoka City: Regional Game Industry Hub
Kiyoshi SHIN, Journalist and Lecturer, Fukuoka City

M&A Interview with the Sellers | 1:00 - 1:50
Michael POLE, CEO, gloops International
John PASSFIELD, Creative Director, Red Sprite Studios and Program Manager, Right Pedal Studios
Jim PERKINS, Director, Digital Media Specialist, The Corum Group

Settling Down and Setting Up in Europe: The Cultural Challenges, Finding the Right Partners and Growing to Ship Fast
Alastair BURNS , COO, Gramble

Collaborative Game Development
Rajat OJHA, Managing Director, The Awesome Game Studio

From Developer to Self Publisher: The Fast Track
Torsten OPPERMANN, CEO, indigo pearl GmbH & Co. KG

The Future of Game Development in the Philippines
Darwin TARDIO, COO & Co-founder, FunGuy Studio
Niel DAGONDON, President and Founder, Anino Games
Erick GARAYBLAS, Founder, Kuyi Mobile
Markku KERO, CEO, Job & Esther Technologies
Jhondie ABENAZA, Founder & CEO, Zeenoh Games
Andro BALUYUT, CEO, GameOps
Moderator: Alvin JUBAN, Head of Operations, Secret 6 Inc.

Development Studio Fundraising in Asia--Past, Present and Future
John LEE, Chief Strategy Officer, ZeniMax Asia Pacific Ltd.

Operating a Global Game Service: Lessons Learned
David WORLE, VP of Content Acquisition, WildTangent

The Challenges of Creating an Indie Game Accelerator
John PASSFIELD, Creative Director, Red Sprite Studios and Program Manager, Right Pedal Studios

Mastering Growth: Keys To Developing A World Class Work Place
Michael KALKOWSKI, Co-founder & Managing Director, GameDuell

Developing Native Cross Platform Games
Markku KERO, CEO, Job and Esther

Is There a Series A Crunch in Asia?
Jeffrey PAINE, Founding Partner, Golden Gate Ventures
Dmitry LEVIT, Partner, Digital Media Partners
Chua KEE LOCK, CEO, Vertex Venture Management
Don SIM, Co-founder & CEO, Daylight Studios
Reza BEHMAN, CEO & Co-founder, AdzCentral
Moderator: Oh THONGSRINOON, VP and Evangelist of Games, Mig33 Pt., Ltd.

Hype vs Real Deal: Asian Edition
Manish AGARWAL, CEO, Reliance Entertainment Digital
Brian OH, Director, GAMEVIL
Andrew SHEPPARD, President, Kabam
Jeremy SNOOK, Sr. Business Development Manager, Microsoft Studios
Moderator: David NIXON, CEO, Gemini Hive Inc.

Games Solution Centre – An Innovative Hub for Indie Game Developers in Singapore
Albert LIM, Deputy Director, Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore

Launching a Gaming studio in Singapore: Challenges and Opportunities
Alban VILLANI, Director, Forever Young

Setting Up Game Business in Singapore
Robert KIM, Director, Consumer, IDA
Joachim NG, Director, MDA
Wei HAO, VP, Time Voyager
Allan SIMONSEN, Co-founder and Technology Director, Boomzap
Addison KANG, Co-founder, Cherry Credits, Vice President, Shanda Games
Moderator: Oh THONGSRINOON, VP and Evangelist of Games, Mig33 Pt., Ltd.

How a Japanese Mobile RPG Made it Big Outside Japan
Tetsuya MORI, Managing Director, DeNA Singapore

Alpha Kimori JRPG and Philosophy
Sherman CHIN, Founder, Sherman3D

Bringing AAA IPs to Online and Social
Fabien SIOUFFI, VP Online & Social, Take-Two Asia Pte.

Day 2: F2P/ Games as a Service, Mobile, and Development

Funding for Games Development in South East Asia
Reza RAZALI, Founder, Terato Tech

Mobile Games Distribution 2.0: Why the Big Appstores Won’t Do the Job for You
Tim KOSCHELLA, Partner & Co-founder, HitFox Group

Pants Optional: Scaling a Virtual Company
Gabby DIZON, Producer & Business Development Manager, Boomzap

Navigating Mobile Ecosystems Throughout Asia
David KIM, Co-Founder & CEO, Animoca

The State of Free-to-Play
Andy KLEINMAN, Chief Business Officer, Scopely

Creating a Niche-Based Game Development Company
Anuj TANDON, COO, Rolocule

Tablets and TVs – The Next Wave of Smart Growth
Colin SEBASTIAN, Sr. Equity Research Analyst, RW Baird

Zombies on the Great Wall
Leo Liu KUN, GM China, PopCap

One Man Indie Game Development: The Survival Guide
Erick GARAYBLAS, Founder, Kuyi Mobile

Global Trends in App Store Monetization
Junde YU, Business Development, AppAnnie

To Augment a Successful Game OR To Invest in an Altogether New Game: The Success Story of Real Steel
Manish AGARWAL, CEO, Reliance Entertainment Digital

How to Build a Brand from Your Game
Anna GRUETER, Founder & Game Designer, ReignDesign

From Small to Powerful: Leveraging A Hit
Jean MATHEWS, Strategy & Business Development Consultant, iMAGINATE

Engaging Gamers using Facebook Marketing Solutions
Peter GAN, Head of APAC Global Marketing Solutions for Games, Facebook

PlayStation(R)Vita: Games for Everyone
Eitaro NAGANO, Director, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia

Extending Cocos2dx - Mobile 2D Framework by Happy Elements
Rony XU, SVP, Happy Elements

How to Do Mobile UA through Facebook Acquisition Channels
Leah NA'AMAN, Marketing Manager, SocialClicks

How to Get 1Million Downloads in 3 Months without a Huge Marketing Budget
Ganesan VELAYATHAN, CEO, Fun & Cool Ventures

Growing Business Opportunities in Mobile Web Gaming - Insights for Developers and Distributors
Rakesh RAJU, CTO & Co-founder, TreSensa

Creating a Hardcore Social Game
Leonard LIN and Tiam YANG, Co-founders, Tyler Projects

Developing Game Developers: Teaching Stable Game Development Skills for the Ever-changing Game Development Industry
Hilmy Abdul RAHIM, Lecturer, KDU University College

Maximizing Player Retention and Monetization in Free-to-Play Games: Comparative Stats for Asian & Western Games
David CHIU, Principal, Business Development, GameStop

Unity, Asia and You!
Brett BIBBY, Unity Evangelist SEA & Hong Kong, Unity

Serving a Global Audience
Brian OH, Director, GAMEVIL

Structuring Organic Growth for Social Gaming
Sangeet Paul CHOUDARY, Founder, Platform Thinking

The Business of Games — HTML and the Future of Mobile
Albert LAI, Co-founder & CEO, Big Viking Games

Realtime Multplayer- Launching Globally/ Playing Locally
Tom SPERRY, Business Development, Exit Games Inc

Building Flash Games with the Adobe Gaming SDK
Bill HOWARD, Group Product Manager, Adobe Systems

The Mystery Land of Russian Mobile Market
Alexander DUBROVIN, VP of Sales & Marketing, Alawar

Understanding Gamers’ Behaviors
Elvin LI, CEO, ZelRealm Interactive / Sogamo

Leveraging Lessons from a Dominant Mobile Franchise to Build Enduring New Brands and Communities
Marco DEMIROZ, President & CEO, PlayFirst

The End of Social Games?
Arthur CHOW, COO, 6waves

Indie Game Studio Survival Panel
Yan MARCHAL, Founder, Sanuk Games
Chris NATSUUME, Co-founder, Boomzap
Sian YUE TAN, Game Director, Ratloop Asia
Ian GREGORY, Creative Director, Witching Hour Studios
Moderator: Juan GRIL, Studio Director, Joju Games

Under the Hood of PikPok's Publishing Process
Mario WYNANDS, CEO & Managing Director, PikPok

Puzzle Design Tools
Sam WONG, Team Lead, The Voxel Agents

Day 3: Casino, Social Mobile and Indie Postmortems

The Ins and Outs of Indie Games: A Splitman 2 Postmortem
Bari SILVESTRE, Game Developer, and Gilbert DE VERA, Game Artist and Animator

Profitable Longevity Strategies for Social Gaming – No More Risky Business

The Problems We Encountered When Porting Flash Game to HTML5
Zhifeng CHEN, Founder and CEO, NTFusion

Cloudification of Games
Dhruv PARPIA, Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

Social Casino by the Numbers
Joost VAN DREUNEN, Co-Founder & CEO, SuperData Research

Paving Your Way to Success
Desmond LEE, Producer and Lim JENN YU, Creative Director/Game Designer, Appxplore

The Rise of Mobile-Social Networks in Asia
Steven GOH, Co-founder & CEO, mig33

BINGO! The Numbers Game: How Analytics and Game Design Came Together
Lalit PATEL, Co-founder, BASH Gaming

How Targeted, Personalized Messaging Strategies Peak Consumer Interest in Games
John CHENG, Co-founder & COO, Playnomics

Emerging Markets for Social Casino Gaming
Vicenc MARTI, CEO, Akamon

LUNCH SESSION: Nice Guys Finish 93rd: Pixel People's Battle for F2P Success
Abhishek RADHAKRISHNAN, CCO, and Ivan LOO, CEO, LambdaMu Games

LUNCH SESSION: Introducing Dreadout
Rachmad IMRON, Founder, Digital Happiness

LUNCH SESSION: User Acquisition from East to West
Simon NEWSTEAD, CEO, Frenzoo
Kenrick DRIJKONINGEN, Director of User Acquisition, NonStop Games
Rokimas SOEHARYO, Co-founder, TouchTen

Key Points for Indie Success Globally
Aun TARASEINA, COO, Kiragames

An Overview of the Asian Mobile Market with Android
Wai Cheong CHOY, Director and COO, Metaps Pte Ltd

Real-Money Gaming: The Future of Monetization
Jonathan FLESHER, EVP Business Development, Betable

Valthirian Arc II: Transforming Players Feedback into the Sequel
Wimindra LEE, Creative Director, Agate Studio

Reality Check on HTML5 - Will 2013 Bring The Breakthrough
Alexander KRUG, Founder & CEO, Softgames

Skill Based Gaming and Wagering on Core Games
Paul KIM, CEO, Xfire

A Simple Approach to Procedural Content
Eli PIILONEN, Game Developer

Mobile Advertising Best Practices for Game Developers
Phalgun RAJU, Vice President & General Manager, India, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, InMobi

The Ins and Outs of the Real Money Gaming Regulatory Landscapes in Asia
Steve TSAO, Director, Ebon Flare Technology

The Making of BaliFied - Word Game of the Gods
Gilbert JANSEN, Art Director, & Yon Hardiyan TANTO, Game Designer & Studio Manager, Dragon Game Studio

How to Define Just Right KPIs For Mobile Game Operation
Ibrahim DAI, Chief Evangelist, TalkingData

Turning Your Poker Club Leaders into Game Managers
Xiang LIN, VP of International Business, Hoolai

Awesome 2D Game Animations with Spine
Stefan NGUYEN, Lead Mobile Game Developer, Vinova Pte Ltd

Mobile Social Games Vs Reality Television - An Emerging Market Comparison
Raja HUSSAIN, Founder & CEO, FunSpot

Learning from TaTaO: Importance of Project and Time Management
Jason CHRISTIAN, Chairman, UMN Game Development Club

This, Not That! Mobile Game Design Best Practices
Ray LONG, Director of App Services, Tapjoy

Critical Missions: SWAT - From a Hobby Project to a Viral Success
Veli-Pekka PIIRAINEN, CEO, Critical Force Entertainment Ltd

One Size Fits All: How Different the Monetization Mix for Android, Windows and HTML5 Apps Actually Is?
Gewben WU, Business Development Director, ASIA, Fortumo

The Real Study – Taking a Game Show Warrior from Concept to Manga to Game
Gerald TOCK, Founder, Inzen Studio