Cake + Creative Ideas

When: Sun, June 2, 3pm – 5pm, 2013
Where: Toccata Studio, 19B Jalan SS2/55, PJ
Admission: MYR 15 minimum
Info: Facebook

Cake Project is a combination of (cake + creative ideas) as a kickoff point for micro-funding projects. It's for people who support arts, people who are passionate about life, people who loves creativity, people who are interested in making the society a better place.

There are two groups of people at the event: those who have a creative idea to propose, those who support creative ideas who comes in as voters. Public participation and discussion encourage the success of Cake Project.

How it works? During Cake Project, every person will be asked to donate a minimum of RM15, which goes to the prize pot. In return, you will get a piece of home-made cake and coffee/tea, at the same time eligible to vote for one creative idea. (Editor: we think that's what the organizers mean.)

Creative art practitioners including artists, musicians, writers, performers, filmmakers, dancers, designers and the like, will present their creative idea one by one. Voters will vote for one creative idea they would like to support. Votes are collected the one who get most votes wins the prize pot.