Public Lecture On Judo Strategy

When: Wed, April 17, 8pm – 10pm, 2013
Where: Dewan Utama, Menara Razak, University Teknologi Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur [map]
Admission: Free [Registration is not required]
Enquiry: +603.2180.5127

Why do some companies succeed in defeating stronger rivals, while others fail? This is a question that, sooner or later, all ambitious competitors must face. How do you compete with opponents who have size, strength, and history on their side?

The answer lies in a simple but powerful lesson: rather than oppose strength to strength, successful challengers use their opponents’ size and power to bring them down. This message is at the heart of Judo Strategy.

Based on extensive research by David Yoffie and Mary Kwak, Judo Strategy introduces a ground-breaking approach to competition that shows companies how to win against imposing odds. Speaker David B. Yoffie is Professor of International Business Administration at Harvard Business School.