Startup Asia 2013

When: Thu, April 4, 9am – Fri, April 5, 5pm, 2013
Where: Biopolis Matrix, 31 Biopolis Way, Singapore
Admission: SGD 300
Info: Event | Participants

Startup Asia is a 2-day conference organized for entrepreneurs, investors, media, and people across the Asian tech community. It showcases newly launched and product-ready tech startups. It showcases only startups which are born in Asia. Topics include:
  • Building a Startup, Ecosystem, and Exiting - Darius Cheung, BillPin
  • Twitter in Southeast Asia -  Aliza Knox, MD, Online Sales, Twitter
  • Rakuten Branches Out to Asia - Shin Hasegawa, Director, Rakuten
  • Growth From Startup to a Giant Mobile Platform - Sirgoo Lee,  Kakao
  • Startup Management: Prioritizing & Scaling - Kee Lock Chua, Vertex
  • What Rakuten Taught Me After We Got Acquired - Pom,
  • Building Companies in SEA - Stefan Jung, MD, Rocket Internet
  • AirBnB’s Plans in Southeast Asia - Ole Ruch, MD, Airbnb
  • Gunning for IPO - Steve Melhuish, PropertryGuru
  • How E-Commerce King Taobao Is Expanding Out of China - Taobao
  • The MOL Startup Story - Ganesh Kumar Bangah, MOL
  • Building a Company With $18M Revenue - Ralph Wunsch, MetroDeal
  • 10 Shocking Truths about Silicon Valley - Loo Cheng Chuan, SingTel
Co-currently, Startup Arena is a competition where about 20 startups will pitch and challenge for US$10,000 in cash. Only one will be able to walk away with the check. We are looking for startups in Asia to launch their startup at Startup Asia Singapore. We prefer startups which are new, struggling, and unknown but with a brilliant product to demo at Startup Asia.