Sabah Adventure Challenge 2013

When: Fri, Mar 29, 9am – Sun, Mar 31, 5pm, 2013
Where: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Participation: RM 1,000 per team
Info: SAC

Sabah Adventure Challenge is South East Asia’s premier multi-day adventure race, founded in 1998 by an experienced team of adventure racing competitors in the heart of North Borneo. Founded on the principles of competing with the ultimate ambition of finishing an adventure race set in mystical North Borneo, Sabah, land below the wind where the mighty Crocker Range mountains divide the coast of Sabah and the interior of North Borneo.

Teams are required to be self-sufficient and to compete by navigating with map and compass from check point to check point, as well as taking on the challenge of the natural jungle landscape and surrounding mountain ranges that dominate the West Coast of Sabah.


Photos by Sabah Adventure Challenge