Startup Design Week 2013

When: Sat, January 5, 9:30am – 5:30pm, 2013
Where: *SCAPE Hubquarter 4, 2 Orchard Link Singapore
Admission: SGD 35 (for meals)
Info: EventBrite

In these 5-days, we are not teaching you to write a business or marketing plan or stuff off the MBA text books. That's right, instead, we are gonna be very hands on in designing and building your startup idea. The Startup Design Week will be throwing at you frame-works and methods that are most current in the startup hemisphere: Design Thinking, Lean Methodology and Business Canvass.

So bring your thinking caps, walking shoes and an umbrella; because you won't be sitting in an air-con room and listening to some "motivational" talk, instead get ready to be buzzing the entire 5-days.

Venue for Startup Design Week 2013
Photos by Ideas Inc Singapore