Get Ideas, Brainstorm, Solve Problems & Network

When: Thu, January 31, 8pm – 11pm, 2013
Where: Old Town White Coffee, UOA Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur (adjacent to the Bangsar LRT station)
Admission: Free
Info: Meetup 

The Young Entrepreneurs KL & PJ group is for young creative people with a passion for entrepreneurship. Make a difference, make an impact, make it happen. Live life to the fullest, be the change makers of society.

One benefit about our meetups are the networking we get, from meeting other business owners and like minded entrepreneurs. We have met so many great inspiring individuals that we've been contacting and even doing business with, and we hope you get this too.  Agenda:
  • 1 hour member introduction
  • 1 hour group problem solving (prepare your questions beforehand) 
  • 1 hour discussing new business ideas/ventures (getting feedback) 
Who knows, you may very well find your next business partner.