Change University Networking

When: Tue, January 22, 7pm – 10pm, 2013
Where: Poolside & Wild Rice, 9th floor, Boulevard Hotel, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur
Admission: MYR 30
Info: Facebook

You are most invited to bring your family, colleagues, and friends, Expat friends, especially HR/Training/ Senior Managers who like to network and to have a real fun evening - with a super-fun group! Facetime or Face-to-Face meeting social networking in the real world – the best way to meet new people.

Many attendees reported that there were serendipitous business and friendship connections. Bring lots of name cards - at least 50+ for networking (we guarantee you'll regret if you bring any less than 30). See you there!

About ChangeU Networking:
  • Connect with people that matter: recruiters, venture capitalists, brand marketers, service providers, all types of designers, IT experts, PR agents, industry experts, expats, celebrities, etc. 
  • Learn new skills and fun things you’ve never done before: self, family, relationships, health, wealth, career, spirituality, social; Change and give back to our small world: 
  • Give back to your organization, community, and to touch 10 lives with acts of the heart.