TEDxIpoh: Turning Ideals into Ideas

When: Thu, December 13, 7:00pm – 10:30pm, 2012
Where: Sekeping Kong Heng, 74 Jalan Bandar Timah, Ipoh, Malaysia
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Registration

To enhance the very way of which we live our everyday lives and to push the human race forward, three speakers will touch the very core values of Ipoh’s people and show us the astounding capabilties of who we really are.

The Bicycle Bag 
This idea was created 10 years ago by a teenage boy from Dato Megat Khas Secondary School who could not afford the extra RM15 to board his bicycle on the school bus. To get round this Nik Mohd Misuarie made a bag to carry his BMX bicycle. By putting the bicycle in a bag, he cut the extra charge of RM15. The idea was later entered in the World Creative Business Cup held in Copenhagen, obtaining the ranking of Top 8 Businesses to Watch Out For.

I am a Brand 
Director of Institut Darul Ridzuan, Roslan Abdullah, has worked with a long line of branded clienteles: Coca-Cola, Levis, Petronas, MAS and many more. His talk will show the essence of people and how each and every individual in the city is a brand that directs the way Ipoh moves. On how our economy depends strongly on who we are and how we carry ourselves.

Turning Ideals into Ideas 
Howard Lee's life changed when a Londoner opened doors for him by giving him a space in a school in the UK. At the age of 10, he chose the independent life to go to the UK. Being abroad he grew up in a grey seaside town while working in the kitchen of Asian restaurants at aged 14 before slowly moving into the corporate world. Having being exposed to the globalized world from such a young age, when he returned to Ipoh in 2008, he was shocked to find his home has become a city of retirees.