TEDxGurneyDrive: Be All You Can Be

When: Sun, December 9, 9am – 3pm, 2012
Where: Penang Performing Arts Center, Penang
Admission: MYR 45
Info: Event | Registration

TEDxGurneyDrive’s 2012 event will focus on the ideas of action. Titled Be All You Can Be, the event hopes to encourage thinkers to step out of their comfort zone and start doing. Additionally, it provides a platform for sharing of ideas with the rest of the world through the powerful outlet of TED. In the spirit of event’s theme, Be All You Can Be, this could be a motivation for the community to understand and make real changes in the world. Speakers:
  • Khu Li Fang - Quadriplegic, First Class Honours in Social Sciences
  • Cindy Gallop - If We Ran The World, Make Love Not Porn
  • Dr. Prema Devaraj - Programme Director, Women’s Centre for Change
  • Dr. Oo Loo Chan - Medical Director, Charis Hospice
  • Leonard Chua - Lead Guitarist, An Honest Mistake
  • Andreas Vogiatzakis - Managing Director, OMG
  • Joe Sidek - Festival Director, George Town Festival