Greenplum Connect 2012: Deliver Predictive Analytics For Big Data

When: Wed, Nov 28, 9am – Thu, Nov 29, 1pm, 2012
Where: Pan Pacific Hotel, Singapore
Admission: Free
Info: The Events Place

The Greenplum Database is built to support the next-generation of Big Data warehousing and analytics, this massively parallel processing (MPP) database is capable of storing and analyzing petabytes of data. Topics include:
  • Insight into Big Data Industry Trends 
  • Greenplum Unified Analytics Platform Framework 
  • Data Science in Action 
  • SAS Analytics & Big Data 
  • Insight into Marketing & Human Capital Analytics 
  • Data Sciene as a Game Changer 
  • Big Data Use Cases 
  • Integrating Social Media with Business Intelligence 
  • How companies are tackling Big data with Hadoop