ChurpOut 2012

When: Sat, October 13, 11am – 10pm, 2012
Where: Publika Boulevard & Square, Kuala Lumpur
Admission: Free
Info: Info | RSVP

ChurpOuts are community events where we connect with ChurpChurp members (or 'Churpers') and bring them together for a good time! This year, we're super-sizing ChurpOut and doubling the fun, because #ChurpOut 2012 will be the largest and most exciting one yet. Are you a social media addict who recognizes the power of social media in Malaysia? Are you a fan of the local arts and music scene? Come on down and join us at #ChurpOut 2012! It's an all-day street fair open to all, where we'll gather for a good cause, and give the local arts and music scene the due recognition they deserve at the same time.